Thursday, November 11, 2010

Break on Through to the Other Side... Accidentally

Sometimes I get sudden bursts of motivation. No one knows when they'll come or what they'll lead to, but come they do. One such burst led me to break out all of my favorite bathroom cleaning chemicals, and head into the tub to give the tiles a good scrubbing.

Well that scrubbing led me to discover that part of our wall was a little, well, squishy. That led me to pop out a tile, which led me to tearing out a 1' x 1' section of wall. That led to the shower stall being gutted. And since I was gutting, so went the floor, mirrors, light fixtures, and the vanity. This led to showering at my parents' house for five weeks...and- eventually- a new bathroom.

But this is not a post about our bathroom (more to come one that some other time): this is a post about consequences. And the consequence of getting way too excited about swinging a sledge hammer are as follows:
  1. Chunks of tile fly off the wall like shrapnel in a Bruce Willis movie and hit you in the face (no matter what you saw in Die Hard, shrapnel hurts, and
  2. The sledgehammer passes through the wall you actually want to break down, and hits the back of the 90-year-old lathe and horsehair plastered wall of your bedroom
And so, one project begets another.

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