Monday, November 29, 2010

Prime(r) Time

With the ceiling and the board and batten up, it was time to start the painting process. There were a couple challenges here. First, were the drywall patches that needed to be sealed. Second, was the dark green paint giving the bedroom its previous cave-dwelling mystique. Third, was the new woodwork. While beautiful, I used pine, which is loaded with sap-filled knots that will bleed through paint. The solution: lots of primer.

A first coat of primer covering all the newly-installed woodwork and some of the drywall patches. (A side note: I need to get better at taking pictures of each step of the process. The drywall patching was little involved).

More primer over the paint and woodwork. I used Killz low-fume primer. I really don't want to know what their high fume primer smells like because this stuff stinks. I had coffee beans, candles, open windows, and baking soda. It was still difficult to get the smell out.

Behind where our bed will be. This was the area with the most extensive wall damage. Primer is depressing. After working all day, all I got was a kind of creepy white room.

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