Monday, September 14, 2009

Charm... in Off-White.

One thing that was great about or real estate transaction was that our house was being used as a rental. This made things quick, as there was no waiting on either party to sell/buy another house. On the flip side, one thing that was bad about our home acquisition was that it was a rental. Though in good shape, our home was painted and cared for like what it was – income property. So while we love the period details, everything is, well, off-white. Walls and woodwork are all the same color in the great majority of the house (minus the kitchen and bathroom). I even found a 5 gallon bucket of off-white paint in the basement just in case I had the urge to paint the rest of the house.

The problem is that we’re colorful people (literally and figuratively – I hope). So, the idea of living in off-white, first-time-homeownership bliss was not exactly appealing. Put simply- we need some color up in here. So I ask myself “WWTOHD” (What would “This Old House” do?). Here’s some of their ideas on interior paint:,,20161202,00.html,,1195208,00.html,,20314260,00.html,,20318232,00.html

I found Lowes has good website material as well:

So, do I go historic, or trudge off on my own?

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