Monday, April 18, 2011

To the Yard!

With classes and the new job it's been hard to stay on top of blogging and come up with new house projects. But I couldn't resist the warmer weather this past week. So, I decided to undertake a much pondered-over back yard project: the dining patio.

We have a picnic table that we love (Texas flag style), but our yard is very uneven. For a long time we've been looking for a way to level off some space. I didn't want to tear up the grass and then have to replant. A deck was out because we don't have a door into the backyard. A stone patio was out because of water run-off issues. With the houses so close together, I don't want to cause flooding in my neighbors' yards. So what to do?

Naturally, TOH answered my questions. When the most recent issue came out, the cover story was on patio designs.

One option was a gravel "sandbox style" patio. I liked it. So, I went with it. Here's my design:

From this This Old House design, I added a raised planter box and lattice backing with hanging lanterns. I also sketched in our picnic table to make sure the box was wide enough for people to get in and out.

My Shopping list:

-4"x4"x8' timbers (4)
-Six 2' pieces of rebar.
-Four corner brackets
-14 cubic ft. of crushed stone
-14 cubic ft. of pea gravel

I'll need more materials later, but this will get me started.

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